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New 2.75 – 19 2.75 x 19 Cheng Shin tires pair Pirelli pattern motorcycle tires ribbed front block rear sold as a set


Cheng Shin 2.75 x 19 inch motorcycle tires. Yes, these are the real deal! These have not been available in the U.S. since 2008. These are not new old stock (NOS) they are new manufactured tires made in week 28 of 2014. Selling as a pair – front and rear set. Removed the plastic wrap from the display set for photographic purposes, but yours will be shipped with the original plastic wrap factory installed around both tires. Shipping worldwide. These Cheng Shin tires are a direct copy of the Pirelli tread pattern front and rear. Don’t waste your time and money buying those 50 year old rock hard discolored Pirelli’s for more money. Complete your restoration with the tires it deserves! Give your Moto Giro bike or weekend rider the fresh pliable tires it needs to keep you out of the ditch! These won’t last long so snatch them up while they are still available.

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